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8. National Theatre, Walnut Street, Above Eighth. Dress Circle and Parquet, 50 Cents, Family Circle, 25 ", Seats in Private Box, $1.00, Orchestra Chairs, 75 Cents, Doors open at 7. To commence at quarter before 8 o'clock. Box Office open from 10 to 4 o'clock, when Seats can be Secured. Sole Lessee, Wm. E. Burton, Proprietor and Manager of Bnrton's Theatre, Broadway, N. Y., and Lessee of the Front St. Theatre, Baltimore. Stage Manager, Mr. H. Watkins, Second Night of the Engagement of the Distinguished Tragedian and Comedian, Mr. J. E. Murdoch, On which occasion he will appear in his Justly Admired Impersonation of the Philosophic Prince Of Denmark, In the Most Sublime of all the Immortal Bard's Creations In the portrayal of this most exquisitely drawn Character--Hamlet--with all its subtlety of Reasoning--acute Philosophy--keen and piercing Sarcasm--Capriciousness of Purpose, and the Werkings of a Soul, wrought upon by Superstition, to Avenge the Murder of a much loved Father, yet fearful of perpetrating a heinous crime by the premature destruction of the suspected Regicide--require a Combination Of Talent Rarely to be met with; but Mr. Murdoch's Delineation of the "Melancholy Dane," is justly ranked as among the Best on the Modern Stage, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 29, 1857, will be presented Shakspere's Sublime Creation of Hamlet! Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Mr. Murdoch ... :; To conclude with the laughable Farce of Your LIfe's In Danger. John Strong, as originally played by him in the U. S., Mr. H. Watkins ...; Hamlet; Your LIfe's In Danger
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