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[Ledger of Amadori accounts and memoranda]; [manuscript].

[Ledger of Amadori accounts and memoranda] [manuscript].
Ledger of accounts and memoranda of Andrea Amadori for the years 1547-1552. Parts of the memoranda are written by Andrea Amadori in the first person. Contains miscellaneous accounts of transactions concerning small debts and credits; the payment of rent from tenants; farm management for the podere di Castelfranco, property of Andrea Amadori; and textile business with dyers and various other textile workers. Although most counterparts are either employees or tenants of Andrea Amadori, there are money exchanges between other kinds of counterparts, such as the Frati of the Convento di San Donato, located in Scarlino, south of Florence. Memoranda contain more detailed descriptions of the events that led to the creation of a debt or a credit and, in certain cases, itemized accounts of single transactions are also present (especially for transactions related to farm management, where detailed production accounts are present in the memoranda after a brief commentary). The cover of the manuscript is made from an earlier document on parchment (perhaps of the late 14th century) written in Latin.
96 leaves : paper; 212 x 167 mm. bound to 235 x 169 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn302411865; (OCoLC)302411865; (PU)4446720-penndb-Voyager
Sold by Bernard M. Rosenthal, 1961.
[Italy], 1547-1552.
Accounting -- Italy -- 16th century.; Textile industry -- Italy -- Early works to 1800.; Farm management -- Italy.; Codices.; Accounts.; Credit records.; Ledgers (account books); Manuscripts, Italian; 16th century.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Personal Name:
Amadori family.
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Ms. Codex 1381
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