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Śṛṅgāraśataka,; circa 1700-1850.

Śṛṅgāraśataka, circa 1700-1850.
Treatise and anthology of one hundred poetic verses on love.; Manuscript is used for recitation and study and is a treatise and a collection of poetic aphorisms by the well-known poet-philosopher Bhartṛhari. The text is divided into two parts with the second part being incomplete. These parts actually constitute the second and part of the third section of a larger work in three parts. Each is meant to be little more than one hundred (śataka) verses and each presents aphorisms on one of three themes. The first part of the manuscript (the second part of Bhartr̥hari's work) is the Śṛṅgāraśataka, or one hundred aphorisms on sexual desire (f. 1v-10r). The second part of the manuscript (third part of Bhartr̥hari's larger work) is called Vairāgyaśataka or one hundred aphorisms on detachment or aversion to passions (f. 10r-14v). Manuscript lacks a beginning and an ending.
1 item (14 leaves) : paper; 11 x 31 cm.
(OCoLC)ocn927440336; (OCoLC)927440336; (PU)6759305-penndb-Voyager
In Sanskrit; (Devanāgarī)
Love -- Religious aspects -- Hinduism.; Sex -- Religious aspects -- Hinduism.; Self-control -- Religious aspects -- Hinduism.; Poems.; Treatises.; Watermarks.; Manuscripts, Sanskrit; 18th century.; 19th century.; Manuscripts; India
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Ms. Coll. 390
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