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De coloribus urinae ... [etc.]; [manuscript].

De coloribus urinae ... [etc.] [manuscript].
Treatise on urine, translated from Latin by Gioan Francesco Ymolensis. About 100 paragraphs in length. Consists of medical instructions that are diagnostic, therapeutic and medicative in nature. Lists diagnostic symptoms which a physician should observe in the urine of his patient, and the conclusions to be drawn about the patient's condition from its color, consistency and peculiar appearance. According to the colophon (f. 9r), which the writer took from an older manuscript, this "very beautiful treatise" was originally written in Latin "for the use of an accomplished surgeon" (per uso di maistro bonissimo cirviano), and translated into the Venetian (or Northeast Italian) vernacular, on 31 March 1429, by a doctor from Imola who calls himself Gioan Francesco Ymolensis (f. 9r). Also includes three other short medical texts: Ad amazare li vermi in lo corpo dele creature (on destroying parasitic worms in the intestines; f. 9v-11r); Pillole de agarico (f. 13r-v; with a second section titled Pillores aureis); and Inguenti (title from Zacour-Hirsch), a collection of unguents and medical recipes, beginning with Inguento baselicon and including remedies against syphilis and the plague (f. 14r-[17]v). These additions were evidently added by the copyist and were not part of the original treatise on urine.
21 leaves : paper; 208 x 153 (162 x 97) mm. bound to 218 x 153 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn155962640; (OCoLC)155962640; (CStRLIN)PAUR94-A269; (PU)1551758-penndb-Voyager
Italian, in the Northeastern (Venetian?) vernacular.
Sold by Franz Josef II of Liechtenstein as part of a large collection from the Prince Liechtenstein Library to H. P. Kraus (New York), 1949.; Sold by H. P. Kraus to the E. F. Smith Memorial Collection, University of Pennsylvania; transferred to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library as part of the E. F. Smith Memorial Collection, 1969.
[Italy, between 1525 and 1575]
Chemistry -- History.; Medicine -- History.; Urine -- Analysis -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Prescriptions.; Recipes.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.; Manuscripts, Italian; 16th century.
Personal Name:
Johannes Franciscus,; Franz Josef
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Ms. Codex 133
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