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Colecci[ón] de vari[os] tracta[dos].; Tomo [segundo].

Colecci[ón] de vari[os] tracta[dos]. Tomo [segundo].
Second volume of a set of three of collected manuscripts on relations between Portugal and other nations. This volume includes two works discussing the New Christians or Marranos in Portugal and three works on Russian forces or relations between Portugal and Russia. A large document in the middle of the volume was a copy of document in Spanish about the detention of three Argentinian boats in 1703 in Rio de Janeiro and in the Algarve; it was removed by Alfonso Cassuto and replaced with blank leaves. The manuscripts prior to the missing manuscript (f. 1r-35v) are all by António Nunes Ribeiro Sanches except for an excerpt from a register of resolutions from the Estates of Holland. Alfonso Cassuto identified the first manuscript as an early version of Origem da denominação de christão-velho christão novo em Portugal, written in Sanches's hand with corrections (f. 1r-14v). The manuscripts following the missing manuscript (f. 36r-131v) are copies of a document that Cassuto attributed to Luiz da Cunha and diplomatic correspondence by Cunha from Paris. The diplomatic correspondence is lacking its beginning, starting in the middle of a letter at the top of a page.
Portugal; Russia
270 leaves : paper; 312 x 214 mm. bound to 320 x 230 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn900543756; (OCoLC)900543756; (PU)6336931-penndb-Voyager
Portuguese and French.
Formerly owned by the Marquis of Rio Maior (Cassuto).; Formerly owned by antiquarian bookdealer and collector Alfonso Cassuto (Lisbon; bookplate inside upper cover; notes inside upper cover; embossed stamp, f. 1r, 14v, 31v, 33v); probably purchased in 1978 (pencil note inside upper cover).; Appeared at auction at Kestenbaum & Company as part of the Alfonso Cassuto collection, Part 2, 23 June 2011, lot 55.
[Portugal?], [1700-1799]
Inquisition -- Portugal -- Early works to 1800.; Christian converts from Judaism -- Portugal -- History -- Early works to 1800.; Marranos -- Portugal -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Dispatches.; Manuscripts, Portuguese; 18th century.; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Cunha, Luiz da,; Cassuto, Alfonso,
Call Number:
Oversize Ms. Codex 1657
Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts