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[Shulḥan 'Arukh me-Ṭur ...]

[Shulḥan 'Arukh me-Ṭur ...]
520-00//r; This is a manuscript of the Shulḥan 'Arukh written in North Africa likely during the eighteenth century. It is incomplete; it begins on siman (chapter) 55 se'if (paragraph) 8, and completes the Oraḥ Ḥayyim portion, after which the Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ portion begins, complete until siman 400 se'if 3. For Oraḥ Ḥayyim, the center of the double-column is headed with the current topic of the set of simanim (e.g. Hilkhot xxx...) with a notation on the upper margin about which day of the thirty-day cycle of the Shulḥan 'Arukh completion is below; the move to the next day is marked in the outer margin. Noteworthy marginalia through the volume: "קרובץ ... ואחרים פי' נוטריקון ק'ול ר'נה ו'ישועה ב'אהלי צ'דיקים" (Ḳrovets [prayer], (explained) ... others explain it as an abbreviation for (Psalms 118:15), 'ḳ'ol r'inah v'e-yeshu'ah b'e-ahalei ts'adiḳim), explanation from Bet Yosef to Oraḥ Ḥayyim 68:1, perhaps attesting to the scribe being‏ learned (f. 9r); where the text (Orah Hayyim 439:3) should read כגון המורייס, 'ke-gon ha-moriyyas', translated 'like brine', the scribe inserted כגון המיזרים, 'ke-gon "ha-mizrim", employing a specifically North-African Arabic term derived from مزر, 'mizr', a beverage made from millet or barley (f. 78r); on the same page, marginalia related to Oraḥ Ḥayyim 67:2, writing פ' אלמשר, fī al-masār, or "on the road" in Arabic, referring to the case of a traveler unable to perform Bediḳat ḥamets (f. 78r); multiple 'perushim', or explanations to matters being discussed in the text (f. 204v); a marginalia with an asterisk like a carved amethyst, noting another opinion from the Shulḥan 'Arukh's sources from the Sefer he-'Arukh about the species of beast called "ברדלס", 'Bardelos' (over Shulḥan 'Arukh Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ 303:6, f. 211r). Repairs throughout; some with waste from printed Hebrew books, some with other waste paper; f. 103r has a pasted repair with the text written on it by a Sofer. Roller marks from the paper creation on f. 34; stains from the top-down affecting text throughout the manuscript.
Elis and Ruth Douer Endowed Fund for Judaica Collections.; PU; Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Elis & Ruth Douer Endowed Fund.
227 leaves : paper; 300 x 190 (250 x 155) mm bound to 315 x 210 mm.
(OCoLC)1083671517; (OCoLC)on1083671517
Hebrew, with two words in Judeo-Arabic (f. 78r).
[North Africa], [17--?]
Jewish law -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Manuscripts, Hebrew; 18th century.
Call Number:
CAJS Rar Ms 479
Elis & Ruth Douer Endowed Fund.