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Fragment from Aphorisms with commentary,; between 1250 and 1299?

Fragment from Aphorisms with commentary, between 1250 and 1299?
Lower part of a leaf from a large manuscript of the Hippocratic Aphorisms, probably written in Italy in the second half of the 13th century, later used for a binding. The parent manuscript was written in 2 columns, with the aphorisms written in a large Gothic hand separated by paragraphs of commentary in a smaller Gothic hand. The aphorisms on this fragment are from Book 5 (Aphorisms 55 and 58 on the more damaged recto and Aphorisms 60 and 62 on the verso) and concern disease and pregnancy. Two readers have annotated the leaf, one adding interlinear and brief marginal notes in a tiny cursive hand, the other writing extensive notes in the lower margins in a somewhat larger cursive hand. The notes in the lower margin on the verso are a quotation from Aristotle's Problemata referring to delectabilia. The recto was the outside of the binding and has the numeral V on what was the spine and a note in ink, Supplice essortationi, in Italian by a later hand.
1 item (1 leaf) : parchment; 180 x 270 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn940971217; (OCoLC)940971217; (PU)6886647-penndb-Voyager
In Latin.
Medicine, Medieval.; Gynecology -- Early works to 1800.; Fragments.; Commentaries.; Annotations.; Manuscripts, Latin; 13th century.; Manuscripts, Medieval.
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Albert, Daniel M.,; Albert, Eleanor,
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Ms. Coll. 591 Folder 41
Manuscript Fragment Collection.