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Daniel Rumbel receipt book, 1852-1866.

Daniel Rumbel receipt book, 1852-1866.
Rumbel, Daniel, 1830-1831
An oblong, leather-bound volume containing receipts of payment to various people and companies in Ringtown, Pennsylvania spanning the years from 1852 to 1866. Receipts of payment were made to banks, Jewish merchants, to bury lumber, rent, and working on Rumbel's farm. Some payments were made to Herman Benner, Joshua Weiner of Miners Bank, and John J. Zimmerman. A payment of judgement was made in favor of Daniel Larer. Revenue stamps are affixed to receipts from 1864 to 1866. The receipts in the volume are written parallel to the spine in the manner of a note pad. Inscription on inside front cover: Daniel Rumbel his book February 15, 1851. The receipts are written on the first twenty leaves. The remainder of the volume is blank.
Presented to the Penn Libraries 2012 by Arnold and Deanne Kaplan.
Codices; Receipts (financial records); Tax stamps; Manuscripts, American -- 19th century
Personal Name:
One of six children born to Henry and Salome Andrews Rumbel in East Brunswick, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The family moved to Ringtown where Henry Rumbel was a lumber merchant. Daniel Rumbel inherited and purchased tracts of his father's and ran profitable farming and timber operations. Additionally, he trained to become a shoemaker. Rumbel sold lumber to the Catawissa Railroad Company. He sold portions of his land to Jacob Laudig and the Ringtown Fair Association. Rumbel later lost his land in a sheriff's sale after backing others' business ventures. Rumbel became a shoemaker opening his own shop in Ringtown. Rumbel married Sarah Seltzer and they had three children: Emmaline, William, and Trenton.
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United States -- Pennsylvania -- Ringtown; United States -- Pennsylvania
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MS 56, Codex 010.1