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[Theological miscellany]; [manuscript].; Sententiae Sancti Nili Martyri... A[?] S[?] Sancta Antiqua

[Theological miscellany] [manuscript]. Sententiae Sancti Nili Martyri... A[?] S[?] Sancta Antiqua
Writings of Nilus the Elder on the principles of asceticism and religious life; a sermon by John of Damascus about vices and virtues in religious life; three books from Ambrose's De officiis, an ecclesiastical handbook about the ministers of the Church, with marginal annotations and Biblical cross-references; sermons expounding the beliefs of the Carthusian order about regulations, solitary living, and abstinence; and excerpts from the Distichs of Dionysius Cato, a collection of proverbial maxims about wisdom and morality, with marginal annotations.
164 leaves : paper; 143 x 105 mm. bound to 153 x 112 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn182540182; (OCoLC)182540182; (PU)4230859-penndb-Voyager
Latin with occasional words in Greek (f. 21r, 134v).
Formerly in the collection of James P. R. Lyell (bookplate, inside upper cover, with motto "viam aut inveniam aut faciam").; Appears in Bernard Quaritch's catalog 699 (1952), no. 135.; Gift of Albert C. Baugh, 1965.
[Germany, between 1450 and 1499]
Asceticism -- History -- Early church, ca. 30-600.; Clergy -- Office -- Early works to 1800.; Virtues -- Early works to 1800.; Monastic and religious life -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Finding tabs.; Manuals (instructional materials); Sermons.; Treatises.; Poems.; Annotations.; Manuscripts, Latin; 15th century.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Personal Name:
John,; Ambrose,; Conradus,; Lyell, James P. R.; Baugh, Albert C.
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Ms. Codex 1080
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