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Āryāsaptaśatī,; circa 1700-1850.

Āryāsaptaśatī, circa 1700-1850.
Manuscript of is used for recitation and contemplation; title translates as, Seven hundred elegant verses. Deals with topics such as marriage, domestic abuse, love, sex, emotions, and other topics. Opens with a reference to the Hindu deity Śiva and his wife Pārvatī; and references to various Hindu gods and their mythological exploits are drawn on as a source of analogy throughout. Manuscript contains a collection of more than 600 verses in the ārya meter, as about 87 verses are missing (between verse numbers 120 and 208); there are two leaves are foliated 6, with some text repeated; this may be the result of scribal error or of combination of two distinct manuscripts of the same text.
1 item (30 leaves) : paper; 10 x 23 cm.
(OCoLC)ocn847868108; (OCoLC)847868108; (PU)5963165-penndb-Voyager
In Sanskrit; (Devanāgarī)
Erotic literature, Indic.; Love poetry, Indic.; Siva (Hindu deity); Parvati (Hindu deity); Hindu gods.; Marriage -- India.; Family violence -- India.; Poems.; Manuscripts, Sanskrit; 18th century.; 19th century.; Manuscripts; India
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Ms. Coll. 390
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