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[Memoranda and account book]; [manuscript].

[Memoranda and account book] [manuscript].
Memoranda and account book of Gisberto and Giuseppe Orlandi (f. 1r, 2r), with a few later entries. The writer, Gisberto, belonged to a place called Castello della Piene, probably the name of a village but perhaps that of a house, almost certainly in Tuscany. The public notary of Siena is also mentioned: this was probably the nearest large town. Includes a series of notes made in 1574-1575 of all the money which he gave to his son, Antonio, when the latter was studying in Perugia. These are the sums paid for books and to various individuals mentioned by name, e.g. Tomasso di Lazaro; possibly they are schoolmasters, tailors or other tradesmen having some connection with a student's needs. One was certainly a bookseller. Also includes several notes of money paid for corn, then a note of his having a house built "beside our own," followed by a note of date when Messrs. Simone and Martino Lombardi began a fence for him. There are a several receipts for money received from Gisberto Orlandi written by others, e.g. Matteo Lazari, Nicolo Venizza, et al. The object of these transactions is not stated. The latest entry, dated 7 December 1620, was written by Jacomo Orlandi, evidently a descendant. Also includes two documents laid in between f. 5-6. These were evidently laid into the account book for safekeeping, but they have no connection with it. The larger one is an account of the movements of the army of the Duke of Parma in September 1642, with details of the places where they quartered and some account of his receiving authority to enter certain towns. The smaller document is an old recipe for making gold size.
Italy; Italy
Orlandi, Gisberto.
16th century; 17th century
43 leaves : paper; 225 x 165 mm. bound to 230 x 161 mm. + 2 notes.
(OCoLC)ocn155964262; (OCoLC)155964262; (CStRLIN)PAUR95-A398; (PU)1580896-penndb-Voyager
Acquired, 1959.
[Italy], 1554-1620.
Accounting -- Italy -- 16th century.; Accounting -- Italy -- 17th century.; Codices.; Account books.; Manuscripts, Italian; 16th century.; Manuscripts, Italian; 17th century.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.; Manuscripts, European.
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Ms. Codex 284