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Secrets relative to arts and trades; [manuscript].

Secrets relative to arts and trades [manuscript].
Instructional manual with the first section discussing the transmutation of metals such as turning silver into gold (p. 7) and making iron brittle like glass (p. 28) as well as notes on perpetual motion (p. 42) and secret fire (p. 42-43). The second section includes many recipes for different types of varnish including one for tinting windows to prevent the sun from shining through them (p. 49) and one for sealing wax (p. 52). Subsequent sections include recipes for making pigments such as carmine (p. 53) and Prussian blue (p. 54, 69) and for making large pearls from small ones (p. 74). Also includes an alphabetical index (p. ii-xxvi).
Purchased with support from the B. H. Breslauer Foundation.
187 leaves : paper; 233 x 190 mm. bound to 240 x 205 mm. + 6 leaves.
(OCoLC)ocn919003950; (OCoLC)919003950; (PU)6293588-penndb-Voyager
English, with several leaves laid into the manuscript in French.
Formerly owned by Charles Rainsford (British army officer, fellow of the Royal Society, and alchemist); bequeathed by Rainsford to Hugh Percy, Second Duke of Northumberland.; Owned by the 2nd through 12th Dukes of Northumberland, ms. 620, Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, 1809-2014 (bookplate, inside upper cover; stamps throughout).; Sold at auction at Sotheby's (London), 15 July 2014, as part of Lot 411.
[England?, between 1750 and 1799]
Alchemy -- Early works to 1800.; Pigments -- Early works to 1800.; Occultism -- Early works to 1800.; Manuscripts, English -- 18th century.; Codices.; Manuals (instructional materials); Prescriptions.; Manuscripts, French; 18th century.; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Rainsford, Charles,; Northumberland, Hugh Percy,
Call Number:
Oversize Ms. Codex 1703
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