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[Italian miscellany concerning the Church]; [manuscript].

[Italian miscellany concerning the Church] [manuscript].
Collection of 6 manuscript items related to Catholic faith. The first item is a historical essay on the Spanish superiority over France as a Catholic kingdom because in Spain the Catholic faith was established much earlier than in France, and it was Spain that discovered the Indies and made strenuous efforts in combating heresy. The second item is composed of 9 laments, prose poetry written partly in Italian and partly in Latin, in which the corruption of Venetian morals and its disobedience to the Papal States are discussed. Venice was interdicted by Paul V in 1606 for having passed two laws displeasing to the Church and, in the manuscript it is depicted using hellish images and historical figures famous for their evil deeds (including the Roman emperor Tiberius; the High Priest Caiaphas; and Nicolo Machiavelli). The third item, also written partly in Italian and partly in Latin, contains 14 documents related to the conflict between Charles the V, King of Spain and Francis I, King of France and the intervention of the Pope, including a description of the conditions of the Treaty of Cambrai. The fourth item contains a narrative description of the capitulation of Ahmed I, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to Henry IV, King of France (1604). The fifth item consists of a historical account of the spread of heresy throughout Europe in the 17th century and a description of the principles that the Church has to enforce to prevent and repress it. The last item is a miscellaneous compilation of instructions and procedures primarily concerning to document forgery and the use of ciphers in times of war. Tricks of a different nature, including how to find an object on the bottom of a river or lake without effort, how to tell the time by looking at the sun, and how to pretend to be dead in a battlefield are also described.
Spain; France.; France; Spain.; Great Britain; Turkey.; Turkey; Venice (Italy); Italy; Papal States.
17th century.; 1508-1797.
204 leaves : paper; 272 x 201 mm. bound to 283 x 214 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn314851756; (OCoLC)314851756; (PU)4466383-penndb-Voyager
Sold by Helmuth Domizlaff (Munich), 1964 (slip laid inside upper cover, now filed separately).
[Italy, ca. 1659]
Inquisition -- Spain -- Early works to 1800.; Forgery -- Early works to 1800.; Cryptography -- Early works to 1800.; Ciphers -- Early works to 1800.; Heresy -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Prose poems; Manuals (instructional materials); Manuscripts, Italian; 17th century.; Manuscripts, European.
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Henry; Ahmed; Paul; Charles; Francis
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Oversize Ms. Codex 1449
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