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Tailles de Blois,; 1354.

Tailles de Blois, 1354.
3 strips of parchment containing records of a tax imposed by the Comte de Blois in six parishes of the County: Duisson (Dhuizon), Neuf (Neuvy), Chenboint (Chambord), Monterioul (Montriev-en-Sologne), Saint Die (Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire) and Baines. Simon Robelet acted on behalf of the count in imposing the tax. Lists each subject by parish, and what was owed of was paid by them to the court. Many subjects are listed as "povre," i.e. unable to pay. At the end of the third strip are listed the expenses incurred by Simon Robelet and his knights and assistants during the course of collecting the tax.
Blois (France : County)
1 item (3 strips) : parchment .
(OCoLC)ocn213467857; (OCoLC)213467857; (CStRLIN)PAUR94-A113; (PU)1580400-penndb-Voyager
In Middle French.
Acquired, 1967.
Ce sont les tailles Mons. le Comte de Blois faites sus ses homes et fames de chief et de courps et ymposes en lan liiii par Simon Robelet.; http://hdl.library.upenn.edu/1017/d/medren/1580400
Parishes -- France -- Early works to 1800.; Tax assessment -- France -- Early works to 1800.; Taxation -- France -- Early works to 1800.; Tax records.; Manuscripts, French; 14th century.; Manuscripts, Medieval.
Personal Name:
Robelet, Simon.
Corporate Name:
Blois (France : County).
Call Number:
Ms. Coll. 792