Varie opere et compositioni; [manuscript]; / fatte da diversi theologi, legisti, et altri.; Opere contra li Venetiani parte I - Colenda Digital Repository
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Varie opere et compositioni; [manuscript]; / fatte da diversi theologi, legisti, et altri.; Opere contra li Venetiani parte I

Varie opere et compositioni [manuscript] / fatte da diversi theologi, legisti, et altri. Opere contra li Venetiani parte I
Collection of 6 manuscript items followed by 16 printed documents printed in 1606 and 1607 related to the Venetian Interdict. The Interdict was placed on the Republic of Venice by Pope Paul V when Venice passed two laws displeasing to the Pope, one forbidding the alienation of real estate in favor of the clergy, the second demanding approval of the civil power for the building of new churches. Moreover, two priests had been found guilty and imprisoned, and the Pope insisted that they be released to the Church; the Republic of Venice disobeyed the order and in April 1606 the Pope excommunicated the entire government of Venice and placed an interdict on the city. The first item contains a list of titles and contents of the 5-volume collection of which this manuscript is the only surviving volume. The second item is a copy of the comminatory written by Pope Paul V in which he threatened to place an interdict on and to excommunicate the Republic of Venice if they did not release the two priests they had jailed. The third item is a letter written by the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II to Pope Paul V in an attempt to resolve the conflict between the Papal States and the Republic of Venice. The fourth item is a document containing a description of the differences of opinion between the majority of the members of the Venetian aristocracy and Venetian Senate and the Pope. The fifth item contains a sentence pronounced by a Venetian senator in which he urged his colleagues to accept the request of the Pope to prevent excommunication and papal interdiction. The sixth item is a letter of response, written by the Republic of Genoa, to a letter, written by the Venetians, who expressed their surprise after the Genoese obeyed to a papal order to renew decrees related to ecclesiastic immunity.
Venice (Italy); Italy; Papal States.
1508-1797.; 17th century.
565 leaves (49 manuscript) : paper; 206 x 147 (160 x 105) mm. bound to 208 x 158 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn311866335; (OCoLC)311866335; (PU)4455407-penndb-Voyager
Formerly owned by Joseph Schweizer (note pasted inside lower cover).
[Italy], 1606-1607.
Church and state -- Italy -- Venice.; Codices.; Hybrid books.; Manuscripts, Italian; 17th century.; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Paul; Schweizer, Joseph,
Call Number:
Ms. Codex 1437
Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts