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[Administrative instructions to the inner-Austrian government and Hofkammer]; [manuscript].

[Administrative instructions to the inner-Austrian government and Hofkammer] [manuscript].
Contemporary copies of two sets of administrative instructions issued in Vienna by Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1676 and 1675 (f. 38v, 106r), for the benefit of the personnel of the inner-Austrian government (inner österreichischen Regierung) and the Hofkammer (Hoffcammer), the court treasury, respectively. Work 1, which consists of a preface (f. 2r-3v) and 43 numbered articles, outlines general principles as well as specific procedures related to the functioning of the government, while making reference throughout to the responsibilities of various offices, such as steward (Statthalter, f. 9v), chancellor (Canzler, f. 12r), secretaries (f. 12r), and chamber councillors (Cammerräthen, f. 28v). Following are sample rubrics of articles: von der Religion und Abstöllung der Secten; der Regierung Gewaldt und wie sie alle Sachen handlen sollen (f. 6v); was einem Statthalter zu thuen gebühre, auch von der Umbfrag und Votirn (f. 9v); der Landtleüthe Beschwärung wider die Pfandtschafften (f. 20v); wie die aussgangene Befelch zu handthaben, f. 23v); Lechen Verleichung (i.e. Lehen Verleihung; f. 25); alle Sachen unter unsern Titul ausszufertigen (f. 32r). Included are articles pertaining to details of office practices such working hours (f. 34v), vacations (Ferijs, f. 35r), and absences (Absentijs, f. 36r) of officials; the keeping of the ruler's seal (Sigill, f. 33r); and the imperative to re-read the instruction twice a year (f. 37r). Work 2, which consists of a preface (f. 41r-v), 73 numbered articles, and a conclusion (Beschluss, f. 106r), contains directives of a similar nature pertaining to the functioning of the Hofkammer, with reference to the responsibilities of its councillors (Hoffcammer-Räthe, f. 41v), president, and vice-president (f. 46r). It addresses such matters as the proper way to survey opinion in the council (Umbfrag im Rath, f. 45v); the timing of recesses (wan die Räth im Jahr abraisen ... mögen, f. 53v); bookkeeping (Buechhaltereij, f. 56r; Aufmörkhbuech, f. 63r) and recordkeeping (Raths Prothocoll, f. 63v); and various guidelines related to financial matters. Articles 9 and 10 (f. 48v, 52v) appear to address the interrelationship between the inner-Austrian government and the Hofkammer. Work 2 also makes direct reference to a new government instruction (unserer Regierungs Instruction ein neues; f. 45v). Both documents were prepared by the court secretary Christoph von Abele at the direction of Leopold (ad mandatum sacrae caesarae maiestatis proprium; f. 38v, 106r). The Hofkammer instruction is signed by the court chancellor Johann Paul Hocher (J. P. Hoher; f. 106r); a similarly-placed signature in work 1 could not be identified (possibly: P. Hochstett; f. 38v). Finding tabs mark the beginning of works 1 and 2, respectively: Regierung Instruction (f. 1) and Hoffcammer Instruction (f. 41; tab now detached).
Holy Roman Empire
17th century.
115 leaves : paper; 300 x 195 mm. bound to 307 x 204 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn230906856; (OCoLC)230906856; (PU)4315798-penndb-Voyager
German, with Latin only in the court secretary's attestations (f. 38v, 106r).
Formerly owned by Eduard Dillmann; bookplate (pasted, inside upper cover): Ex libris, Eduard Dillmann, 1903; with design by Botho Schmidt (landscape with hand holding sword emerging from clouds, and skull on ground; motto: ex ossibus ultor).; Sold by Jacques Rosenthal (Munich), 1968.
Vienna, 1675, 1676.
Codices.; Government records.; Finding tabs.; Manuscripts, German; 17th century.; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Abele von und zu Lilienberg, Christoph Ignaz,; Hocher, Johann Paul,; Dillmann, Eduard,; Schmidt, Botho,
Call Number:
Oversize Ms. Codex 1188
Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts