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Contratti de beni di Firenze della famiglia Concini; [manuscript].

Contratti de beni di Firenze della famiglia Concini [manuscript].
Miscellany of copies of trial proceedings and other legal and notarial documents, covering the years 1555-1579, and with later additions dated 1614-1650, concerning sales of real property. Most documents consist of contracts for real property sales or purchases by Bartolomeo and Giovanbattista Concini for the years 1555-1579. The properties were either located in central Florence (Via Pandolfini, Via della Colonna, Mercato Vecchio and Via Fiesolana) or in Quintole, in the Florentine countryside. The counterparts involved in said transactions include Costanza Albizzi, Girolamo Gerini, Francesco Gamberai, and Ludovico Capponi, as well as the Spedale degli Innocenti, a Florentine hospital and charitable organization; the Convento di Santa Maria degli Angeli, also in Florence; and the Diocese of San Miniato, located in Quintole. There are documents issued by the Abbey of Camaldoli, quoting a papal brief by Pius V, granting permission to the Convento di Santa Maria degli Angeli to proceed with the sale with the Concini. A large number of the legal documents and contracts regulating each transaction are drafted and signed by either Nicola Corella or Angelo Favilla, legal counsel to the Concini and to other Florentine noblemen, or by senior members of each religious institution. Miscellaneous documents, also of legal or notarial nature, concerning a number of individuals related in different ways to the Concini (either as debtors, or as relatives of some of their counterparts), are also scattered throughout the manuscript. Examples of this kind of documents include a report on the fugitive Abramo Codaro, who left Florence to avoid prosecution for being unable to re-pay his debts (some of which with the Concini) and moved to Ancona, where he was found and forced to declare bankruptcy and face prosecution; inventories of the property of Girolamo Gerini, followed by instructions on how to draft an inventory with legal value to be used in court; a document allowing the conversion of a property from residential space to office or shop space; and a memorandum, dated 1650 and written in Italian, of a payment made to the nephews of Francesco Gamberai, who were involved in money lending activities with the Concini. The documents related to the aforementioned events are written on different kinds of paper, and are grouped together without following a specific sequence. However, the volume contains a very detailed table of contents, written in Italian in a later hand and located in its initial pages.
Florence (Italy)
17th century; 16th century
180 leaves : paper; bound to 321 x 233 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn321075761; (OCoLC)321075761; (PU)4492204-penndb-Voyager
Latin, with table of contents and later additions in Italian.
[Florence], 1555-1579, 1614-1650.
Civil law -- Italy.; Real property -- Italy.; Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Italy -- History.; Real property -- Italy -- Florence -- 17th century.; Real property -- Italy -- Florence -- 16th century.; Codices.; Legal documents.; Notarial documents.; Inventories.; Manuscripts, Italian; 16th century.; 17th century.; Manuscripts, Latin; Manuscripts, Renaissance.; Manuscripts, European.
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Concini family.; Concini, Bartolomeo.; Concini, Giovanbattista.; Pius; Albizzi, Costanza.; Gerini, Girolamo.; Capponi, Ludovico.; Codaro, Abramo.; Corella, Nicola.; Favilla, Angelo.
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Oversize Ms. Codex 1518
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