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Cakchiquel : Wörter, die mit 'th' anfangen (ist: ch)

Berendt, C. Hermann 1817-1878; Torresano, Estevan
Vocabulary list in Cakchikel, with Spanish equivalents, compiled by C. Hermann Berendt, comprising approximately 96 Cakchikel words that begin with the sound that apparently is commonly transcribed as: ch, for example, at the beginning of the Cakchikel word meaning star (estrella; found here on f. i), which is commonly spelled: chumil. The words are spelled here with an initial character (possibly a symbol in what became the International Phonetic Alphabet) that resembles a script letter t; in the caption title on the first page Berendt indicates that this symbol followed by the letter h should be equated with a form of the sound: ch. A few scattered notes written in red ink represent a comparison to Maya, according to a note by Berendt (f. i). The last leaf of the manuscript contains a narrative passage in Spanish pertaining to the grammatical forms of nouns that breaks off in mid sentence. Although no attribution is given, the passage can be identified as the beginning of the 1754 work on the grammar of the Cakchikel language by Father Estevan Torresano, entitled Arte de lengua cakchiquel; at an undetermined time during Berendt's years of linguistic research, he made a copy of the latter work based on a copy of it that had been made by or for E. G. Squier in 1855 (for Berendt's copy, see Ms. Coll. 700, Item 54). Presumably that leaf of the manuscript is a remnant, or a false start related to Berendt's copying of Torresano's work. The appearance of the present manuscript gathering suggests that it may have been removed from a volume containing Berendt's copy of yet another work on Cakchikel, by Pantaleón de Guzmán, entitled Compendio de nombres en lengua cakchiquel ... (see Ms. Coll. 700, Item 52); the time frame of Berendt's writing of the latter copy is also undetermined.
Spanish; Castilian
One passage copied from E.G. Squier's copy of Estevan Torresano's 1754 work entitled Arte de lengua cakchiquel; Squier's copy, dated 1855, is held today by the Smithsonian Institution.; No ex libris stamp of Daniel Garrison Brinton; transferred as part of the Brinton Library from the University of Pennsylvania Museum Library.
Cakchikel language -- Glossaries, vocabularies, etc; Cakchikel language -- Grammar; Indians of Central America -- Guatemala -- Languages; Indians of Central America; Cakchikel language; Language and languages
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Glossaries; Codices; Manuscripts, Spanish; Manuscripts, Latin American; Glossaries, vocabularies, etc; Controlled vocabularies
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8 leaves : paper; 257-258 x 194-195 (235 x 162) mm
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Guatemala; Guatemala -- Languages
Ms. gathering.; Title from caption title (f. i).; Foliation: Paper, 8; [i-vii], 1; contemporary foliation in ink, upper center (f. 1 only), and modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto (f. i-vii). The manuscript occupies only the rectos of leaves.; Layout: Vocabulary written in 14-15 lines, with the Cakchikel word followed by the Spanish equivalent; left and upper margins ruled in red. On the last leaf, text block of 187 x 128 mm. written in 21 long lines and outlined with a double rule in black ink.; Script: Written in the hand of C. Hermann Berendt.; Binding: Sewn, with string partially loose.; Origin: Written at an undetermined time during Berendt's years of linguistic research from 1851 until his death in 1878, but no earlier than 1855, the earliest year in which he could have copied a passage from Estevan Torresano's Arte de lengua cakchiquel, which was accessible to Berendt in the form of a copy belonging to E.G. Squier.; Spanish and Cakchikel, with use of German only in the caption title.
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Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Ms. Coll. 700
Berendt-Brinton Linguistic Collection