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Partitur, between 1860 and 1899.

between 1860 and 1899
Collection of over 20 choral pieces for a synagogue choir. The pieces at the beginning of the manuscript (p. 1-46) are marked in parts for soloists and chorus; in the rest of the manuscript parts are also marked for the cantor. The Hebrew lyrics are transliterated for pronunciation by German readers, who might have been in Germany or in the United States. A small number of pieces have attributions, to Naumburg (Louis Naumburg, 1813-1902, p. 1, 115), Abrass (Osias Joshua Abrass, 1820-1884, p. 11), Madame Handvogel (Virginie Handvogel?, p. 73), Blumenthal (Nissan Blumenthal?, 1805-1903, p. 78), and Chalaff (p. 108), Many of the pieces are for weekly services; a smaller number are for holidays. Some leaves show evidence of trimming (for example, p. 133)
Hebrew; German; Italian; French
Presented to the Penn Libraries in 2012 by Arnold and Deanne Kaplan (purchased through Ebay, 1 November 2000) (Collectify accession no. 2006.12.26.01117).
Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts; Synagogue music
Physical Description:
1 volume (110 leaves)
In Hebrew, transliterated into German pronunciations; Hebrew titles in Hebrew characters; musical terms in Italian and French; Title from upper cover; Pagination: i + 110 + i leaves; [i-ii], 1-177, [178-220 (182-219 blank), i-ii]; early but not original pagination in ink, modern pagination in pencil, upper outer corners; Layout: Oblong format; seven staves ruled by hand with varying numbers of staves connected by brackets (most commonly grouped as four and three, with two voice parts sharing one staff in the group of three); Script: Performance notations and transliterated lyrics and titles written in cursive script by multiple hands; titles in Hebrew characters written in square script; a few performance notations added by a later hand in pencil; Binding: Quarter-leather cloth binding; title Partitur blind-stamped on upper cover with inscription in ink, No. 4; Origin: Possibly written in Germany or the United States, in the 19th century after 1860 (earliest publication of compositions of Osias Joshua Abrass, composer of one of the pieces, p. 11)
Physical Location:
MS 56, Codex 032.1
Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica (University of Pennsylvania)