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[Commentaries on the logical works of Aristotle]; [manuscript].

[Commentaries on the logical works of Aristotle] [manuscript].
Collection of commentaries on Aristotle's works on logic by an Augustinian professor named Christophorus Labbaletrie (one on Porphyry's introduction to Aristotle's Categoriae, Labbaletrie's own commentary on the Categoriae, one on De interpretatione, and one on the Posterior analytics), and one attributed to a professor of philosophy named Larois, followed by an unattributed philosophical work and a commentary on Aristotle's Topics. Text may be missing before the second gathering, based on the change of hand between gatherings and a dangling catchword at the beginning of the second gathering (f. 8r).
Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.
229 leaves : paper; 198 x 156 (155-160 x 120-130) mm. bound to 205 x 170 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn837631835; (OCoLC)837631835; (PU)5935273-penndb-Voyager
Formerly owned by Georges de la Verdure d'Hesquelles and possibly other members of his family (inscriptions in multiple hands, inside front cover, recto front flyleaf, f. 229v).; Formerly owned by linguist Ernest Noyes (bookplate, inside front cover).; Sold at an earlier date by the Heritage Book Shop (Beverly Hills, California).; Formerly owned by John D. Stanitz (Cleveland, Ohio), Ms. 34.; Acquired by Lawrence J. Schoenberg with other Stanitz manuscripts, Sept. 1997.; Deposit by Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle, 2013.
[France?], 1666.
Logic -- Early works to 1800.; Philosophy -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Commentaries.; Manuscripts, Latin; 17th century.; Manuscripts, European.
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Aristotle; Porphyry,; Verdure d'Hesquelles, Georges de la,; Noyes, Ernest,
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LJS 203
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