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[Alchemical miscellany]; [manuscript].

[Alchemical miscellany] [manuscript].
Collection of 34 alchemical treatises, verses and recipes. More than a quarter of them are by George Ripley; other authors represented are Ramón Llull, Guido de Montanor, Geber, Pearce the Black Monk, Johan Isaäc Hollandus, Arnaldus de Villanova, and Constantine the African.
96 leaves : paper; 346 x 223 mm. bound to 351 x 226 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn155962438; (OCoLC)155962438; (CStRLIN)PAUR94-A171; (PU)1580457-penndb-Voyager
English, with many works translated from Latin and retaining Latin titles.
First owned by H. Bayle (monogram on upper cover, effaced name on f. 58 r; see Newhauser, p. 123).; Formerly held in the library at Petworth House, Sussex (shelf number 97 on spine, as described by Alfred John Horwood in Sixth Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Part I (London, 1877); Appendix to the Sixth Report, p. 309), then owned by Henry Wyndham, Lord Leconfield; while in this library earlier possible owners include Henry Percy, ninth Earl of Northumberland; Algernon Percy, tenth Earl of Northumberland; and Charles Seymour, sixth Duke of Somerset (Newhauser, p. 122-123).; Sold by Bernard Quaritch Ltd. (London), 1946.
[England, between 1582 and 1630]
Alchemy -- Early works to 1800.; Chemistry -- History.; Codices.; Poems.; Recipes.; Treatises.; Manuscripts, English; 16th century.; 17th century.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.; Manuscripts, European.
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Ripley, George,; Llull, Ramon,; Montanor, Guido de,; Geber,; Hollandus, Johan Isaäc,; Arnaldus,; Constantine,; Bayle, H.,; Northumberland, Henry Percy,; Northumberland, Algernon Percy,; Somerset, Charles Seymour,; Leconfield, Henry Wyndham,
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Oversize Ms. Codex 111
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