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Fragment of Canon medicinae,; 1300s-1400s?

Fragment of Canon medicinae, 1300s-1400s?
Fragment of a leaf from a large manuscript of Avicenna's medical encyclopedia, known in Latin as Liber canonis or Canon medicinae, cut and folded for use in the binding of a 16th-century Italian book (Cox). The text on the leaf is from Book 3, on diseases and symptoms. It is written in rotunda script and probably was copied in Italy in the 14th or 15th century. It is written in two columns, and at its tallest the fragment has 33 lines from the bottom of the page, with the top of the page missing. The more damaged side of the fragment has two examples of rubrication; running titles in simple boxes of red ink in the lower margin; and a paper label from its reuse in a binding. Torn, creased, and water-damaged.
1 item (1 leaf) : parchment; 280 x 325 mm.
(OCoLC)on1020056535; (OCoLC)1020056535; (PU)7610671-penndb-Voyager
In Latin.
Sold by Isaiah M. Cox (, Dundee, Oregon), 2017.
Medicine -- Early works to 1800.; Medicine, Arab.; Medicine, Medieval.; Fragments (object portions); Manuscripts, Italian; 14th century.; 15th century.; Manuscripts, Medieval.
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Ms. Coll. 591
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