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Nāgajī nai Nāgavantī rī bata,; circa 1700-1850.

Nāgajī nai Nāgavantī rī bata, circa 1700-1850.
Manuscript is written in Marwari (old Gujarati) tells the story of the love, life, happiness, trials, and despair of Nāgajī and Nāgavantī, a royal couple living in the north-central Rajasthan (Bikaner). Contains numerous colorful illustrations of the couple, court scenes, religious ceremonies, bedroom scenes, as well as one depicting the couple playing the game of chaupar, referred to as copaḍa in the manuscript (f. 15r), the Indian precedent for the well known game Parcheesi, as well as illustrations of well known gods such as Gaṇeśa and Śiva. Some text follows the main text in a second scribal hand (f. 54v, i-iii).
1 item (93 leaves) : paper; 12 x 17 cm.
(OCoLC)ocn867650104; (OCoLC)867650104; (PU)6078895-penndb-Voyager
In Marwari; (Devanāgarī)
Hindu legends.; Pachisi -- Pictorial works.; Rites and ceremonies -- India.; Erotic art -- India.; Siva (Hindu deity); Gaṇeśa (Hindu deity); Paintings (visual works); Manuscripts, Sanskrit; 18th century.; 19th century.; Manuscripts; India
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Ms. Indic 34
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