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[Recipe book]; [manuscript].

[Recipe book] [manuscript].
English cookery with medical recipes in one section, written back to front. Culinary recipes for fish, hare, fowl, beef, ham, soups, stews, cheeses, custards, puddings, cakes, preserves, wine, beer, etc. Most recipes are attributed to individuals including Mr. Halsey, Mr. Loyd, Mrs. Shorthose, Mr. Whettenhall, Mrs. Broderepp, Mr. Bouvere, Mr. Penfold, Mr. Henry Caverley, Sir William Trogden, Mr. Andrew Wattenburg, Sir Robert Austin, Lady Lucy Bright, Lady Carberry, Lady Onslow, Lady Westmoreland, Sir John Stanley, Cousin Hopton, and others. Culinary recipes are numbered 1-166 and listed in a table of contents, (f. 1r-4v). At least 6 leaves have been cut out: recipes 3-4; 7-8; 59-62; 67-68; and 147-148 are missing. Medical recipes comprise 1/3 of volume and include remedies for cough, fevers, ague, whooping cough, cancer, dropsy, consumption, gout, corns, preventing miscarriage, and several for the bite of a mad dog; some are attributed to Sir John Colbatch.
130 leaves : paper; 195 x 153 mm. bound to 200 x 156 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn212376017; (OCoLC)212376017; (CStRLIN)PAUR99-A183; (PU)2704933-penndb-Voyager
Former owners include: James given to his grandmother Mrs. Baker & Lady Gainsborough (inscription, inside upper cover); WOB or GOM (20th century bookplate, inside lower cover).; Sold by Philadelphia Rare Books, 1999.
[England], 1739-1741.
Cooking, English -- Early works to 1800.; Herbs -- Therapeutic use -- England -- 18th century.; Traditional medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions.; Codices.; Cookbooks.; Recipes.; Manuscripts, English; 18th century.; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Colbatch, John,
Call Number:
Ms. Codex 780
Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts