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[Extracts from the Chilam Balam of Mani and the Chilam Balam of Oxkutzcab]

Berendt, C. Hermann 1817-1878 (former owner); Brinton, Daniel G. 1837-1899 (former owner)
Early works to 1800
Late 19th- or early 20th-century copy of extracts from the Chilam Balam of Mani and the Chilam Balam of Oxkutzcab, in an unidentified hand, following the same content and arrangement as found in a manuscript volume of extracts copied by C. Hermann Berendt in Mérida in 1868 (see Ms. Coll. 700, Item 43, p. 156 to 240). Berendt made his copy directly from a manuscript of Juan Pío Pérez (i.e. Codex Pérez). The present copy is a fragment, labeled on the inside upper cover: Book No. II; and beginning with the heading: No. 7 continued (caption title, p. 143). Two other headings are given on separate title pages reading: No. 8 (p. 178) and No. 9 (p. 226). The material corresponds to what is found in the conclusion of Berendt's copy, from the middle of part 7 to the end. Just as in Berendt's copy, the final part lacks a title page, and begins with a caption title in Spanish indicating that these are notes about the Chilam Balam de Mani found in the collection of Pio Peréz (p. 242). The present copy has some notes in Spanish within the body of the text (p. 166, 168), as found in Berendt's copy, evidently in cases where they are part of the original text of Pérez. It mostly lacks the carefully drawn symbols found in Berendt's copy; for instance, a column of symbols, is rendered with one sketch of a symbol and ditto marks down the page to indicate the others (p. 167). The present manuscript has pencilled page-number references in the margins that correlate to the pagination of Berendt's copy (Ms. Coll. 700, Item 43), and, similarly, Berendt's copy has pencilled page-number references in the margins that correlate to the pencilled pagination in the upper outer corners of the present copy; these marginal references are in the same hand in both items but are not necessarily in the hand in which the manuscript itself is written, and could be of a later date. With regard to the content (extrapolating from Berendt's supplied titles in Item 143), parts 7 and 9 are from the Chilam Balam of Mani, dated 1689. Part 7 apparently contains calendrical information, with dates in the text ranging from 1392 to 1896; part 9 comprises the story known under the Spanish title Historia de la donzella Teodor. Part 8 is from the Chilam Balam of Oxkutzcab, and pertains to divinations, with dates in the text ranging from 1692 to 2003. A note in pencil, presumably by a librarian or researcher, dated 1938, states: Books of Chilam Balam copied by Berendt, J.A.M. (inside upper cover). Laid in the volume is a loose note in the hand of Berendt, giving a bibliographic description of an edition of Pedro de Santa Rosa's 1757 text entitled Declaracion de la doctrina cristiana en el idioma yucateco, printed in 1816 by D. M. Isac Rodriguez. The note is written in pencil on the verso of a receipt made out to Berendt from George Llanes, apparently for a coach ride between Sisal and Mérida, dated 5 September 1868.; 1. p. 143-177: No. 7 continued.; 2. p. 178-225: No. 8.; 3. p. 226-240: No. 9.; 4. p. 242-243: Apuntes en el Chilam de Mani de 1689 en la coleccion de Pio Perez, pp. 47-48.
Mayan languages
Copied from (?) a manuscript of C. Hermann Berendt in the present collection (Ms. Coll. 700, Item 43).; No ex libris stamp of Daniel Garrision Brinton; does not appear in Brinton's 1900 list of Berendt's collection.
Maya calendar -- Early works to 1800; Maya language -- Texts; Maya language; Language and languages; Indians of Mexico -- Languages; Mayas -- Prophecies; Mayas; Maya calendar; Indians of Mexico -- Languages -- Early works to 1800
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Texts; Codices; Receipts (financial records); Manuscripts, Latin American
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72 leaves : paper; 211 x 168 (170-175 x 140-142) mm bound to 215 x 170 mm
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Mexico; Mexico -- Languages -- Early works to 1800
Ms. codex.; Title supplied by cataloger.; Pagination: Paper, i + 72 + i leaves; 143-[268]; contemporary (?) pagination in pencil, upper outer corners. Pages 241, 244-268, as well as 9 unpaginated leaves at the back are blank; Layout: Written in 20-21 lines in a notebook of lined paper, with the left margin ruled by hand in pencil. The majority of the text is in long lines; some text relating to the calendar or prophecies is displayed in varying formats with columns.; Script: Written in an unidentified hand.; Decoration: Pencilled face (p. 186) and scattered, smaller pencilled symbols resembling faces (p. 167, 171, 182, 183).; Binding: Late 19th- or early 20th-century leather.; Origin: Copied sometime between 1868 and 1938.; Maya, with occasional use of Spanish and a few headings in English.
Physical Location:
Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Ms. Coll. 700
Berendt-Brinton Linguistic Collection