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Burgio family papers, 1442-1924. Part 1: folders 1-10.

Burgio family
Early works to 1800
Collection of documents concerning numerous members of the Burgio family, their political role in Sicily, their relationships with other aristocratic families in Southern Italy and Spain, as well as with the Spanish crown, which conferred the Burgio numerous privileges over the centuries. The collection covers the years 1442-1924, with the bulk of the documents being 17th- through 19th-century. Most of the items are notarial documents pertaining to the privileges granted to the Burgio family by the Spanish and Italian authorities; legal documents concerning lawsuits of various natures (including a long dispute over the sulfur mines of Racalmuto, also referred to as Recalmuto, in the late 19th century); and documents related to inheritance, dowries, wills, and testaments. The close relationships with other Spanish and Sicilian families, such as the De Vio, Monroy, Naselli, Morso and Rivera are also described in detail through the collection. 6 vellum documents (1470-1780) containing privileges conferred to various members of the Burgio family, as well as a double sheet of the Giornale di Sicilia (1870), the main Sicilian newspaper, with information on the inheritance of Luigi Burgio Naselli, are also housed in the Oversize series.
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Naselli family; Rivera family; Morso family; Burgio, Nicolò€; Burgio, Pietro; Burgio, Vespasiano; Monroy, Isabella; Burgio, Giuseppe; Burgio, Geronimo; Burgio, Gioacchino; Burgio, Francesco; Naselli, Baldassarre; Philip III, King of Spain, 1578-1621; Philip IV, King of Spain, 1605-1665; Philip V, King of Spain, 1683-1746; Alfonso XII, King of Spain, 1857-1885; Ferdinand VI, King of Spain, 1713-1759; Ferdinand VII, King of Spain, 1784-1833; Inheritance and succession -- Italy; Inheritance and succession; Privileges and immunities; Taxation; Land grants; Trials; Trials -- Italy; Law -- Italy -- Sources; Law; Land grants -- Italy; Real property -- Italy; Real property; Taxation -- Italy -- Sicily -- Early works to 1800; Privileges and immunities -- Italy -- Sicily
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Sources; Notarial documents; Wills; Inventories; Grants; Legal documents; Accounts; Petitions; Manuscripts, Italian; Manuscripts, Latin; Manuscripts, Spanish; Manuscripts, Renaissance; Manuscripts, European
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10 of 70 folders.
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Italy; Italy -- Sicily
For other documents concerning some of the lawsuits described in this collection, see Ms. Codex 1578, Ms. Codex 1581, and Ms. Codex 1583; for a document concerning the admission of Geronimo Burgio as a doctor of law, see Ms. Codex 1573. All are at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania.; In Italian, Latin, and Spanish.
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Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Ms. Coll. 788
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