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Reflexiones del Como Senor Manuel de Roda; [manuscript].

Reflexiones del Como Senor Manuel de Roda [manuscript].
The first section contains a brief history about the Concordat of 1753, and is signed and dated March 1862 by Sebastian Vilardebo. The second contains De Roda's opinions on Gregorio Mayans' observations, including observations on the authority of kings on bishops, the concordat of 1737, universities in Spain, and the study of jurisprudence and theology. The Compendium historiae ecclesiasticae contains the history of the Catholic Church from Julius Caesar to the end of the 17th century. De privilegiis Cisterciensibus is a brief compendium of privileges extracted from a three-volume work (Zacour-Hirsch). De jure canonico mostly references works by Popes Gregory IX, Boniface VIII, Clement V, and John XXII. De jure civili deals with civil law, referencing both Roman emperors and Spanish kings. Part of De jure civili is translated into Spanish (f. 261v-263v). De conciliis contains a history of various councils, from the Apostolic council to the Council of Trent. De haeresibus and Compendium haereticorum describe various heresies, such as atheism and polytheism, as well as heretics such as Pelagius, and movements such as those of the Anabaptists, Albigensians, and Calvinists.
306 leaves : paper; 210 x 150 (175 x 100) mm. bound to 218 x 155 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn244249103; (OCoLC)244249103; (PU)4384405-penndb-Voyager
Spanish (f. 1-194v) and Latin (f. 196r-303v).
Previously owned by Sebastian Vilardebo, presbítero, Barcelona, 1862 (signature and date on preface, f. 4v).; Previously owned by Henry Charles Lea (bookplate, inside upper cover; signature, 1840, f. 1r).
[Spain, 1750-1862]
Privileges and immunities, Ecclesiastical.; Jurisprudence -- History.; Civil law -- Spain -- Early works to 1800.; Canon law -- Early works to 1800.; Heresies, Christian.; Codices.; Histories.; Manuscripts, Spanish; 18th century.; Manuscripts, Latin; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Mayans y Siscar, Gregorio,; Lea, Henry Charles,; Vilardebo, Sebastian,
Call Number:
Ms. Codex 1245
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