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[Proprium de tempore] ... [etc.]; [manuscript].

[Proprium de tempore] ... [etc.] [manuscript].
The Proprium de tempore, the predominant work, contains the parts of the liturgy (including prayers, responses, antiphons, etc.) beginning with the Christmas season and ending at Pentecost which can be found in breviaries and missals. Several works precede it: an excerpt concerning the coming of the Antichrist from the Speculum historiale, which recorded the history of the world down to the time of its author, Vincent of Beauvais; and several extracts from sermons (incipit: Hora est nos de sompno surgere). The Proprium de tempore is followed by miscellaneous sermons attributed to Thomas Brynton and cover such topics as the birth of Jesus, the edict of Caesar Augustus, St. Stephen, the resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, St. Jacob, the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Easter, and St. Andrew. Brynton (also known as Thomas Brunton or de Brynton) was a member of the Benedictine order at Norwich who was educated at Oxford and Cambridge before being appointed Bishop of Rochester in 1373.
263 leaves : paper; 201 x 139 mm. bound to 218 x 145 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn226394744; (OCoLC)226394744; (PU)4300982-penndb-Voyager
Latin, with Low German prayers and interlinear translations interspersed throughout.
Formerly held at Carthusian monastery in Cologne.; Formerly owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps (Phillipps ms. 645, note inside upper cover and on f. [v] verso).; Gift of Albert C. Baugh, 1971.
[Cologne, 14--]
Pentecost.; Easter -- Early works to 1800.; Lent -- Early works to 1800.; Antichrist -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Sermons.; Manuscripts, Latin; 15th century.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Personal Name:
Vincent,; Brynton, Thomas,; Phillipps, Thomas,; Baugh, Albert C.
Corporate Name:
Catholic Church.
Call Number:
Ms. Codex 1164
Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts