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Iatro-chemical and alchemical compendium; [manuscript].

Iatro-chemical and alchemical compendium [manuscript].
Chemical and alchemical miscellany describing a great variety of preparations, recipes and operations, remedies for various ailments and diseases, etc. Concerned, e.g., with "mercure d'antimoine," remedies against cancer, the plague, diseases of the eye, venereal diseases, etc., "aqua philosophorum," "clavis artis" (dated 1579, cf. p. 375), calcination, amalgamation, etc. Many sources of information are indicated, among them a Henry vom Stram (p. 30); Wasseron (p. 32 and passim); Rudellius Scurbergenesis (i.e. Rüdel?, p. 139); Raymundus Lullus (i.e., Ramón Llull, p. 193); Hollerus (i.e. Blaise H. Holler?, p. 246); Camillus a Camillis (i.e. Hannibal C. Camillus?, p. 291); Casanone (p. 416). Most of the sources cannot be identified in standard reference works.
238 leaves : paper, ill.; 313 x 212 (227 x 140) mm. bound to 320 mm. + 4 notes.
(OCoLC)ocn155962608; (OCoLC)155962608; (CStRLIN)PAUR94-A253; (PU)1580539-penndb-Voyager
French, with a few sections in Latin.
Accompanied by an unidentified French dealer's description (on file in the Library).; Acquired, 1963.
[France, between 1600 and 1650?]
Alchemy -- Early works to 1800.; Aquavit.; Chemical apparatus.; Chemistry -- History.; Distillation -- Early works to 1800.; Distillation apparatus.; Liquors.; Medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Diagrams.; Recipes.; Manuscripts, French; 17th century.; Manuscripts, European.
Personal Name:
Llull, Ramon,
Call Number:
Oversize Ms. Codex 123
Penn in Hand: Selected Manuscripts