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Documents concerning land ownership in Pixerécourt,; 1582-1740.

Documents concerning land ownership in Pixerécourt, 1582-1740.
11 documents relating to the seigniory of Pixerécourt in the Lorraine region of France, in the immediate vicinity of Nancy, and the paper cover for the entire collection (dated to around 1800 by Zacour-Hirsch). The cover lists 12 items, but Item 7 is lacking. The items are filed in the order listed on the cover. Item 1, dated 29 June 1582, is a brief account of rents paid on various properties in the area. Names of tenants and properties rented are indicated on the right, while the sums paid are shown on the left. The recipient of these payments was almost certainly Jean de Lescut, seigneur de Pixerécourt. Writing in different ink appears at the bottom of the main entries. Item 2 is an official inventory of vineyards, fields and pastures belonging to the widow of Jean de Lescut. The extensive inventory was organized into several parts and was composed between 1588 and 1593. Item 3, dated 23 August 1587, is a short list of pastures whose tenants owe rent to the seigneurs de Malzéville. Item 4, dated 24 October 1593, is an official receipt of rental payments made to the seigneurs de Malzéville. The list is divided into entries that indicate the name of the tenant, the property rented and the total sum paid. Extensive marginal notes appear next to almost every entry; some calculations appear on the last leaf. The document is signed by Clement. Item 5, dated 20 May 1643, is another official inventory of fields and grazing lands in Pixerécourt. This extensive list (20 leaves sewn together) was made at the request of seigneur Bermant and of the widow of seigneur Fligny (presumably Anne Rutant). Entries in this document appear in paragraph form, not as lists. The document is divided into two parts; the first part is untitled and is signed at the end by Anne Rutant, Claude Calay, and 4 other people; the second part describes lands belonging specifically to Anne Rutant and contains the same signatures at the end. Item 6, dated 3 February 1648, is a historical survey of various lands in the region, tracing the acquisitions and transfers of various properties back to the middle of the 16th century. This item contains 33 leaves that are sewn together. There is usually only 1 entry per leaf; entries are followed by initials. The document is compiled and signed by Nicolas Day and Claude Calay. Item 7, a list of wineries from 1737, is only listed on the cover of the collection and is lacking. Item 8 contains receipts for rent collected from the tenants of the seigniory of Pixerécourt in 1739. The entries are divided into 5 unequal columns, ruled in lead: the first column indicates whether a payment was made; the second contains the name of the tenant and the property; the third contains the sum owed; the fourth and fifth columns are left blank in almost every instance and their purpose is unclear. Item 9 contains the list of rents owed to M. Alix, for the year 1740. Its organization is almost identical to that of item 8. Item 10 is a notebook containing a historical record of land acquisitions in Pixerécourt. These records are followed by a short history of the origin of Pixerécourt. Item 11 is very similar to item 10 in content. It contains a chronological account of the various property transactions, with particular attention to inheritance, in the area and enumerates particular contracts by date, starting in 1539 and ending in 1736. Item 12, of which there are 2 copies, is another historical account of the seigniory. This particular document, dated to approximately 1595 (Zacour-Hirsch), seeks to establish how and when Jean de Lescut came into the possession of Pixerécourt. One of the copies has extensive marginal notes that are missing in the other copy.
Lorraine (France)
16th century; 17th century; 18th century
12 items (141 leaves)
(OCoLC)ocn236489182; (OCoLC)236489182; (PU)4371222-penndb-Voyager
In French.
Sold by Francis Roux-Devillas (Paris).; Accessioned, 1972.
Land tenure -- France -- History.; Land value taxation -- France -- 16th century.; Land value taxation -- France -- 17th century.; Land value taxation -- France -- 18th century.; Estate inventories.; Receipts (financial records); Land surveys.; Histories.; Manuscripts, Renaissance.; Manuscripts, European.; Manuscripts, French; 16th century.; 17th century.; 18th century.
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