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[Livesley family recipe book].

[Livesley family recipe book].
Collection of recipes and a few remedies from the United Kingdom in the early 18th century, possibly compiled by members of the Livesley family. Through most of the book, the recipes are numbered, 1-82 (f. 1r-20r); 25 additional recipes are not numbered (f. 19v-27r). The recipes for meats (chicken, beef, haggis, ham, mutton, sausages), desserts (cakes, puddings, custards), pickles, sauces, syrups and preserves are in no apparent order. Remedies (stone, colic, stomach pain, cough, ague) are intermixed with recipes. Many recipes and remedies have attributions, including a recipe to pickle cucumbers from Mrs. Livesley (f. 14r). Two pages in the book were used for simple accounts, one for records of butter (with a mention of "my brother Livesley") and ale dated 1714 and 1715 (f. 1r), and one, upside down, for money paid for washing and lent to the washer in November and December 1714 (f. 3v). Two gatherings at the beginning (approximately 24 leaves) and the first and third leaves of the first extant gathering have been torn out, and the stubs suggest that these too were used for accounts. Approximately 7 leaves at the end have also been cut out; these were more likely blank.
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Fund.
27 leaves : paper; 200 x 162 mm bound to 205 x 170 mm.
(OCoLC)on1056096971; (OCoLC)1056096971; (PU)7098103-penndb-Voyager; (PUVoyagerBIBID)9970981033503681
[Great Britain], [circa 1715]
Cooking, English -- Early works to 1800.; Traditional medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Cookbooks.; Recipes.; Prescriptions.; Manuscripts, English; 18th century.; Manuscripts, European.
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Ms. Codex 1956
Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Fund.