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Lectures on medicine :; manuscript,; [ca. 1815-1825].; Materia medica, vol. 1.

Lectures on medicine : manuscript, [ca. 1815-1825]. Materia medica, vol. 1.
Notes for course of 62 lectures in Materia medica in Philadelphia, probably at the University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Medicine. Neither the lecturer nor the writer of the notes is identified. Lectures are written in the first person and appear to be the notes of a physician rather than a student. They follow the format of John Syng Dorsey's lectures on materia medica, beginning with "Animal life," "Sympathy," continuing with diet and the nutritive value of certain foods, diseases, bloodletting, emetics, diuretics, antilithics, diaphoretics, sialagogues, emenagogues, anthelmintics, cathartics, stimulants, antispasmodics, tonics, and astringents. Considerable discussion of the uses of mercury compounds and opiates; includes recipes.; Frequently cited are the opinions and cases of Dr. Physick, Dr. Dorsey, Dr. Rush, Dr. Barton, Dr. Chapman, and Dr. Coxe, among others, including discussions of Philadelphia's yellow fever epidemic in 1793.
1 volume.
(CStRLIN)PAUR02-A911; (PU)3431969-penndb-Voyager
Materia medica; Medicine -- Study and teaching -- 19th century.; Yellow fever.; Codices.; Lecture notes.; Manuscripts; Pennsylvania; Philadelphia; 19th century.; Recipes.
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Barton, Benjamin Smith,; Chapman, Nathaniel,; Coxe, John Redman,; Dorsey, John Syng,; Physick, Philip Syng,; Rush, Benjamin,; Huston, Robert M.; Kreider, H. H.,
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Ms. Codex 887