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Brevis tractatus de meteoris; [manuscript] /; Stephanus Quercetanus. Quaestiones in tres libros De anima Aristotelis Stagiritae / Jacobus Zati.; De meteor ac De anima

Brevis tractatus de meteoris [manuscript] / Stephanus Quercetanus. Quaestiones in tres libros De anima Aristotelis Stagiritae / Jacobus Zati. De meteor ac De anima
Two Aristotelian works by two Dominican professors of philosophy of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pisa, recorded by the same scribe. The first is a treatise on meteors by Stefano Quercetano; the second is a commentary on Aristotle's De anima by Giacomo Zati. The opening of the first work suggests it was a supplement to other lectures on Aristotle's De generatione et corruptione. In this three-chapter work, the second and third chapters, although titled "Meteors which occur in water" and "Meteors which occur on earth," do not mention meteors. The water chapter covers the names of different-sized bodies of water, tides, and salinity. The earth chapter covers subterranean fires, earthquakes, metals, and fossils. The second work, on the soul, discusses the nature of the soul according to Aristotle's divisions into vegetative, sensitive, and intellective. Stain from a finding tab remains on f. 44.
Quercetanus, Stephanus,
128 leaves : paper; 189 x 133 (152 x 105) mm. bound to 192 x 144 mm.
(OCoLC)ocn228000806; (OCoLC)228000806; (PU)4307036-penndb-Voyager
Formerly owned by Francisco Venuti Corbonensi (ex libris note, inside upper cover).
Pisa, 1670-1671.
Quaestiones in tres libros De anima Aristotelis Stagiritae.;;
Physical sciences -- Early works to 1800.; Astronomy -- Early works to 1800.; Soul -- Early works to 1800.; Codices.; Manuscripts, European.; Commentaries.; Lecture notes.; Manuscripts, Latin; 17th century.; Treatises.
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Aristotle; Aristotle.; Zati, Jacobus,; Venuti, Francisco,
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Ms. Codex 1174