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L'image del monde ... [etc.]

Horblit, Harrison D. (former owner)
Gautier, of Metz, active 1245; Honorius, of Autun, approximately 1080-approximately 1156; Aldobrandino, da Siena, -1287
Early works to 1800
Copy of the version in verse (written continuously without line breaks, like prose) of Gautier's encyclopedic treatise discussing cosmology, astronomy, meteorology, geography, natural science, and religion. Many of the headings, which are generally just the incipits of the sections that follow, have been crossed out, with a correction added in the margin. This work is followed by 3 others: the Lucidaire, an anonymous thirteenth-century prose version and vernacular translation of Honorius Augustodunensis's eleventh-century Elucidarius, a dogmatic explanation of Catholic doctrine in the form of a dialogue between a schoolmaster and pupil; the Moralites (des philosophes); and chapter 18 and part of chapter 19 of the first part of Aldobrandino da Siena's Régime du corps, instructions on pregnancy and caring for a newborn. Most of the Lucidaire and the Régime du corps are missing due to three bifolia missing from both the sixth and eighth gatherings. The signatures of the gatherings and one early folio number (77, f. 4r) suggest that this manuscript is a piece of a larger manuscript.; 1. f.1r-27v: L'image del monde / [Gautier of Metz] -- 2. f.28r-42r: [Elucidarius / Honorius of Autun (partial)] -- 3. f.42r-51v: Moralites [des philosophes] -- 4. f.52r-52v: [Régime du corps / Aldobrandino da Siena (partial)].
French, Old (842-ca.1400)
Appeared in H. P. Kraus's cat. 80 (1956), no. 117, and cat. 155 (1980), no. 6.; Formerly owned by Harrison D. Horblit (Ridgefield, Conn.), shelf number H12487 (pencil note, inside lower cover).; Sold by H. P. Kraus to Lawrence J. Schoenberg, Sept. 1996.; Gift of Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle in honor of H. Carton Rogers, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, 2012.
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Catholic Church -- Doctrines -- Early works to 1800; Catholic Church; Astronomy -- Early works to 1800; Astronomy; Cosmology -- Early works to 1800; Cosmology; Geography -- Early works to 1800; Geography; Geography, Medieval; Theology, Doctrinal -- Early works to 1800; Theology, Doctrinal; Pregnancy -- Early works to 1800; Pregnancy
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Codices; Treatises; Diagrams; Dialogues; World maps; Manuscripts, French; Manuscripts, Medieval
Physical Description:
52 leaves : parchment, color illustrations, maps; 320 x 232 (238 x 144) mm bound to 333 x 246 mm
Ms. codex.; Title for manuscript from title of predominant work (f. 1r).; Collation: Parchment, 52; 1-5⁸ 6⁸(-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7) 7⁸ 8⁸(-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7); gatherings 1-7 signed xxiii-xxviiii, lower right of last verso; modern foliation in pencil, [1-52], upper right recto. Catchwords, lower right of last verso.; Layout: Written in 2 columns of 43 lines; frame-ruled in lead with double outer vertical bounding lines; prickings in outer margin on some leaves.; Script: Written in a French Gothic book script.; Decoration: numerous diagrams (f. 8-27v), mostly astronomical or cosmological, but including a T-O world map (f. 10r); 5-line initial in red with floral decoration and penwork in red and blue (f. 1r); 3 3-line initials with contrasting penwork (f. 28r, 42r); numerous 2-line initials in red or blue with penwork in one contrasting color or in 2 colors, sometimes incorporating fish shapes in second work (f. 28r-31r); headings in red; sketch in red ink of king being blessed by hand of God extending from cloud (f. 10v); occasional manicules in red ink (f. 8r, 17r, 26r, 28r).; Binding: Velvet over pasteboard.; Origin: Written in France, possibly Lorraine, in the late 13th century.; Lawrence J. Schoenberg & Barbara Brizdle Manuscript Initiative.; Old French.
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Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Manuscripts, Oversize LJS 55
Lawrence J. Schoenberg Collection (University of Pennsylvania)